About Lenette Collection


Lenette Collection-

It's a timeless line. It means it's your favorite white t-shirt, comfy sweat pants or an easy to wear dress that you can run around in. It's an everyday wear that you can feel good about because we have the highest quality eco friendly and organic fabrics. All while being manufactured in the USA, which is a big passion of mine. We are continuously adding to the collection so please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a the latest releases.

Our Mission-
A core tenant of our mission statement, we strive to provide our customers eco-friendly apparel that feels great to wear but feels good to buy. Our fabric provides market for recycled plastics, avoiding the landfill and encouraging commercial recycling across the country. Sustainably grown, alternative fabrics including bamboo and hemp, consume less fertilizer/pesticides and are some of the fastest growing materials available. One of the largest cultivated crops, our organic cotton helps to keep our streams and wildlife healthy while providing consumers a guilt-free buying decision. All while being manufactured in the USA.